Saturday, December 26, 2009

live fr life, life fr live

ya ALLAH please forgive all my sins that i committed
i know i'am not a good slave but please give me some strength
to make me stronger to face your tests
alhamdulillah ya allah, you approved my doa to get straight a's!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bike riding in rainy evening!
holla dudes and babes!

i wanna share a weird but awesome activity that im always do!

it is riding a bike when the climate started to cry(rain)!haha!

why i love to ride bike in rain?

*because the road in my house area is free from people, cars and motorcycles when rain!

so, i can speed up!

* it is nice to ride bike in rain because i can feel the windy and cold air blowing to my face! damn cool!haha!

*the best thing is the bike that i use to ride is SUPERBIKE dude!

actually,it is my father's own. But it will be mine when i get my license next year.AMIN!hehehahaha!

here are some pictures!

ER- 6n

peace no accident!

i wish i can ride it on highway!
but pusing taman dulu la kan!
beginner bru!