Monday, January 25, 2010

sad, happy, tired

24january2010 was really2 tiring day.
yesterday morning at 10 0'clock around, i woke up when my phone was ringing not caused by the alarm that i set everyday but it was a call from my cousin, Angah.
he said he wanted to talk with my mother, he said he tried to call my mother but no answer,the intonation of his voice sounds like he wanted to tell an important thing to my mother. So, i give the phone to her.
after a while, there were drops of water from my mother's eyes were falling down to the floor.
i was curious to know" what actually is happening now?.
after they finished talking, i questioned my mother what has happened?
then, she told me that Achik which is my atok sedara was comma.
my mother quickly told my brother, and we were heading to Hospital Klang because Achik was there.
when we reached there i found there were so many people which are my relatives.
usually i find them when hari raya only.
my mother went to a doctor and asked her what had happened to him, the doctor explained to my mother that his head had ketumbuhan n darah beku in BM.
after that, the doctor suggested us to send him to Hospital KL for further treatment.
we reached there at 7p.m, and the doctor said that they need to do an operation on his head to remove the thing. the operation took 3 hours to finish. after finished, the doctor informed us that he was in stable condition.Alhamdulillah.
But the doctor said he still need to rest and people are not allowed to see him at this time.
after that i reached at home around 11p.m. and i feel very sleepy. i did finish my homework first, then only i sleep

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