Saturday, January 23, 2010

they are leaving

goodbye to those of my best friends which are gonna leave.
thanks fr being a good friend to me.

he is my friend since form 1 until now.
he was an awesome n the craziest friend that i ever had.
he changed school to teknik.

nurul najwa
she was my tuition class mate n my best friend too.
n we had a great moment with nafiz, hafiz,diya, yusra n shazzwan.:D
she changed school to sbpi gombak.

she's my friend since primary school n also my best friend.
tp mse primary school ta rapat sgt sbb ak ni dulu budak nakal. die budak baik kot,haha
ble da masuk 2ndary school baru la kitrg kwn rapat sbb i da jd budak baik jugak mcm die,;)
she changed school to teknik sepang:)

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