Tuesday, February 9, 2010

just nice

ak nmpak mcm nerd je ble join dorg,ssh nk percaya?haha

xde kwn melayu sbb kwn melayu yg sorg tu x dtg pulak, kesian ko sobri,haha

i went to an anti dengue campaign at SMK Presint 16 (1).
23 chosen schools from Selangor and W.Persekutuan involved.
i was impressive by the size and the infrastructure of the school, it is enormously huge n great.
i've found that my school's size is just a quarter of that school's size.
i was greeting by the students from that school n i was seeking for a place to sit when came in to the hall.
there were 3 VIPs involved at this event n one by one of them was giving a speech.
after that, i felt damn bored n sleepy when the speaker was briefing us about the dengue stuff.
n there were many camera mans and reporters from the television station.For instance, TV3.
when the briefing finished, i've got food and drink which were provided by the school n the organizer before we left.
Then, my friends influenced the teacher to go Alamanda n we were having our lunch there.
finally, we reached school at 1 o'clock.

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