Saturday, March 13, 2010

everything has changed in just a few moments

i want to share my journey,new experiences and life at GIBS( gopeng intergrated boarding school).
we departed from home to the destination around 9.00 a.m and we had our breakfast at a restaurant somewhere in Rawang.
i reached the school 12.00 a.m and i was the last student registered on that day.:P
then, after finished the registration, my family left me means i must do everything on my self. i can't imagined it,haha
the next morning which was the first morning i've been at GIBS.
i was the first n the earliest person woke up in my dorm Nilam 4, i looked around me but they were still sleeping.i was proud because of it n felt regret because i've wasted my sleep time by waking up early.haha
on the first day i was quite confusing about the table n the activities at this school but i just followed what they did. i no need to worry abt food because other than studying, eating is also the frequent activity that i do here,haha
the bad news was i need to do exam at the next week and i havent't prepare anything fr it.
but our HEM said, "korg jawab je la" n our teachers said " i wont angry to the new students if they get low marks because i understand their situation". Thanks teachers,haha
thankgod and alhamdulillah the exam overall was okay but only sejarah wasn't okay because got chapter 3 n i haven't learnt the topic yet.
i've got a lot of new friends but i miss all my friends at kajang.
they are my best friends ever fr me.:D
as like other asrama, every evening got riadah but after exam only i started the riadah.
tp lepas ni riadah je la tiap2 hari,haha
homework mcm shit, byk gle, thanks teachers:P
students at this school use sleng utara when communicate.
the common words are "hang,depa, koma"
n pelat huruf R.
i like the way they talk, sounds cheerful n friendly.



  1. Boarding school? Wat time usually the students wake up?

  2. yup.we usually wake up at 5.45 a.m.
    after take a bath, we performed our prayer at 6.10 a.m and it finishes at 6.30. then, we have our breakfast. at 7.10 we go to school.:D