Saturday, June 19, 2010

blah pergi mana?

balik Gibs..
wlupun terasa malas nk balik..
tp itu semua cuma mainan perasaan yg semua student yg ddk asrama atapun skolah harian rasa..
sapa yg suka pg sekolah kn? lg2 bila lepas cuti panjang..
tp pg sana dgn satu matlamat, iaitu belajar smpai pandai smpai dpt straight a's..
ak sempat lg type wlupn lg 5 minit nk bla..haha
okay, bye

Friday, June 18, 2010

i wannna changeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i promise to my self that my time fr me to play around is end by this Monday until the end of this year n maybe it'll last longer until SPM..
i want to turn into a new leaf..
i want to be serious in study..
no more sleepy when teacher is teaching..
i have to ask teacher when i'm blurr of WTH teacher is teaching me, until i understand it..
i wanna get straight A's fr the final exam..
i want to obey what teacher will ask me to do..
dun wanna be rude to them..
i want to ensure my discipline record from the first day i came to this school until the last day of my school life is clean..
i must sacrifice my time for one an a half year only for my future..
then, i'll do n enjoy whatever what i wanna do after that..
i'll get back the enjoy moment that i've ever had when i was f3..

to school; hate is a strong word but i really2 don't like u

i'll be going back to school tomorrow morning..
i bought the things which are needs to live in hostel last night..
my today's works are to pack all the things before i leave to school tomorrow
n i have to finish the homeworks that the kindly hearted teacher were given to me.. thanks a lot-.-
i have to change my phone to the torch light phone which is i'm going to use it there..
sorry to Celestine , danial, shaun n king because i wasn't able to lepak with u at mcd last Tuesday..
i hope next time we can go hang out n chill around together..:)
i'll get my exam result when the school is starting in 1 day.. fuck tub!!
after this, i just only can online once in 2 weeks which is when im outing..
i had lotsa fun fr this holidays, even i felt that the holidays were frickin' short..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


ak pg birthday party yusra kat rumah dia area semenyih dgn kwn2 skola lama hari isnin hari tu..
kitorg berkonvoy naik moto pg rumah dia, malas nk naik bas mini, sbb nnti kena jalan kaki jauh kot nk masuk taman dia.. yg naik moto syukri, khairul dgn aku..
bila dah smpai rumah dia, kitrg pun masuk la, ramai jugak la yg dtg..
ak jumpa ex-class mates aku, bila masuk pergh, asl sume prmpuan je ni..haha
hottstuff rupanya kau ni botak..haha
then, kitrg pun makn2 n sume excited nk sembang2 pasl cerita masing2..ak pun layan je la malas nk cerita sbb cerita aku x menarik sgt..haha
the, we had to go back home..
tp kebetulan plak hujan turun masa kitrg nk kluar rumah..
mmg x nk bg balik la kitrg redah je sbb hujan rintik2 lg..
unfortunately, 2 minit lpas tu hujan turun lebat gila.. mmg malang do,-.-
then, kitrg lepak kat rumah syuk, x jauh drpd rumah yusra..
lepas stgh jam mcm tu, hujan dah reda n baju kitrg pun da almost kering..
afterward, i received a text from amera, we decided to meet at her home..
mak dia ajak masuk rumah, tp xpe la skejap je pun.. x dpt dinafikan mak dia sporting n baik..;)
kitrg sembang2 la kat luar rumah...lepas tu, ak pun balik la rumah..:)

the frickin' short holidays

7.6.2010, selasa
my first outing with friends fr these holidays..
went to mid valley by ktm..
we were stranded at bandar tasek selatan ktm station..
im not sure why, but i heard that a couple days before, there was a train accident happened after BTS ktm station. bullshit fool!
so, we had to take a cab to go mid valley. the fare was not so expensive becz we were sharing the cab. saving la sikit.haha
we had to queue to buy the movie tickets, bcoz i was trying to book it 2 days before the movie was screening, but failed bcoz there was fully booked n reserved.
we watched Prince of Persia, it was damn awesome! *parkour parkour,haha nk tahu pasal parkour? google it..:D
i bought a Padini long sleeve shirt, mana la tahu ade lg high table mcm hari tu..mampus aku kene pakai baju batik skolah..haha

Friday, June 4, 2010


i was facing mid year exam last month, it took 3 weeks to finish but i felt that the time
went very fast.
i studied last minute for all the subjects except for add maths n physics.
that's wasn't a good method of studying actually but at least i studied.haha
i was staying up until 3 a.m doing revision.
but there were some funny incidents happened during those 3 weeks exam.
for instance, a night before chemist test i planned to stay up like usual n doing revision with my friend in bilik bacaan but my eyes were so hard to remain open for another 3 hours.
so, i decided to take a nap n asked my friend to wake me up at 1 a.m.
unfortunately, my friend said i was clouded minded when he woke me up, i took the chemist exercise book and answer 3 questions, then i continued slept on the book.
then. when i woke up, ouh sh*t, my swatch shown 5.30 a.m, n i haven't studied chapter 5 yet.
i felt damn regret, but luckily the exam started at 9 a.m n still got time to study.
after took a bath n performed subuh prayer i straight away went to school.That was my first time being the first person came to school n i was proud of it.;)haha
i studied alone in my class, after assembly fr 10 minutes i was rushing to class n find the chemist
genius person of my class to teach me.finally i can finish the chapter before exam started.
the lesson that i've learnt is we should not practice last minute study in our life.:D