Friday, June 4, 2010


i was facing mid year exam last month, it took 3 weeks to finish but i felt that the time
went very fast.
i studied last minute for all the subjects except for add maths n physics.
that's wasn't a good method of studying actually but at least i studied.haha
i was staying up until 3 a.m doing revision.
but there were some funny incidents happened during those 3 weeks exam.
for instance, a night before chemist test i planned to stay up like usual n doing revision with my friend in bilik bacaan but my eyes were so hard to remain open for another 3 hours.
so, i decided to take a nap n asked my friend to wake me up at 1 a.m.
unfortunately, my friend said i was clouded minded when he woke me up, i took the chemist exercise book and answer 3 questions, then i continued slept on the book.
then. when i woke up, ouh sh*t, my swatch shown 5.30 a.m, n i haven't studied chapter 5 yet.
i felt damn regret, but luckily the exam started at 9 a.m n still got time to study.
after took a bath n performed subuh prayer i straight away went to school.That was my first time being the first person came to school n i was proud of it.;)haha
i studied alone in my class, after assembly fr 10 minutes i was rushing to class n find the chemist
genius person of my class to teach me.finally i can finish the chapter before exam started.
the lesson that i've learnt is we should not practice last minute study in our life.:D

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