Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the frickin' short holidays

7.6.2010, selasa
my first outing with friends fr these holidays..
went to mid valley by ktm..
we were stranded at bandar tasek selatan ktm station..
im not sure why, but i heard that a couple days before, there was a train accident happened after BTS ktm station. bullshit fool!
so, we had to take a cab to go mid valley. the fare was not so expensive becz we were sharing the cab. saving la sikit.haha
we had to queue to buy the movie tickets, bcoz i was trying to book it 2 days before the movie was screening, but failed bcoz there was fully booked n reserved.
we watched Prince of Persia, it was damn awesome! *parkour parkour,haha nk tahu pasal parkour? google it..:D
i bought a Padini long sleeve shirt, mana la tahu ade lg high table mcm hari tu..mampus aku kene pakai baju batik skolah..haha

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