Friday, June 18, 2010

i wannna changeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i promise to my self that my time fr me to play around is end by this Monday until the end of this year n maybe it'll last longer until SPM..
i want to turn into a new leaf..
i want to be serious in study..
no more sleepy when teacher is teaching..
i have to ask teacher when i'm blurr of WTH teacher is teaching me, until i understand it..
i wanna get straight A's fr the final exam..
i want to obey what teacher will ask me to do..
dun wanna be rude to them..
i want to ensure my discipline record from the first day i came to this school until the last day of my school life is clean..
i must sacrifice my time for one an a half year only for my future..
then, i'll do n enjoy whatever what i wanna do after that..
i'll get back the enjoy moment that i've ever had when i was f3..

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