Monday, August 30, 2010

happy independence day!:D

i'm very proud of being ANAK MALAYSIA..
im really grateful to live and grown in this peaceful country.
i'm really thankful to our previous warriors and leaders which were willing to sacrifice everything even their live to fight for the independence of our country.
it was not easy to get the independence that we have right now..
it took thousands of lives of people to free our country from the dog colonialists.
it took a long time of waiting to achieve the freedom.
what is our contribution to our country compare to the previous people of the same country with us?
it's too small right?
so, as a new generation of malaysian people we should defend this independence and avoid from ruining this freedom.
say no to racism.
wave the jalur gemilang.
happy Merdeka

Sunday, August 29, 2010

im really obsessed with them! can you help me?

tonight im going to share with you some stuffs that make me going truly excited.
the thing that i'll talk about may lame for you but read first.
it's actually the Islamic novels which are written by Abdul Latip.
all the novels written by Abdul Latip are about the warriors and leaders of Islam
such as Khalid Al-walid, Abu bakar As-siddiq, salahuddin Al-ayubi, Sultan Muhammad Al-fateh and
many more..
at first, i just bought one of them with hesitate which was Abu Ubaidah Al-jarrah.
i taught it'll be be bored n lame n
the purpose i bought the book was just only to fill my leisure time at school.
but after i read the whole the true story was really awesome n i'll rate 4/5 stars of the book.
afterward, i started to borrow this kind of book from my friends.
the list of the books that i've read..
Hulagu Khan.
Sultan Muhammad Al-fateh.
Abu Bakar.
salahuddind Al-ayubi.
Saidina Uthman bin Affan.
Umar Al-khattab.
Tariqe bin Ziyad.
Abu Ubaidah.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

it's a traditional game!

im wearing the red shirt.

have u ever heard galah panjang?
it's a famous traditional game for our parent's childhood.
i found that this game was so cool to play.
during the independent month our school had organized some interesting activities such as traditional games :),
drawing poster :/, n many more..
but i've involved myself into a traditional game which is GPT Galah Panjang Tournament.
i was representing our house(Nilam).
even though, we were fasting but that did not mean that we had to be losers n weak.h:)
but sadly our team was the 3rd place n also the 2nd last..
i think this is the first time i praise my school.kesian.haha
here are some pictures related.

photo of the day
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Friday, August 27, 2010


im going to start my entry with the really really good news..
which is im going to extend my holiday until this Tuesday..
that means i'll at school only for three days ..
that sounds so pleasant.. isn't it?haha
dun jealous jealous!

last night, my family n i planned to berbuka at red wok restaurant
but all the tables were reserved n we had to find other restaurant..
but that wasn't a big deal because there are so many restaurants in bandar baru bangi..
so, my dad decided to berbuka at a thai food restaurant..

this, morning i went to Hairzone with my sister n my mother..
i wanted to cut my hair because my fierce and saiko warden is going to cut my head if i'm not cut my hair..
my money is safe because my kindhearted n beloved mother pay it for me..
thanks a lot mak..