Friday, August 27, 2010


im going to start my entry with the really really good news..
which is im going to extend my holiday until this Tuesday..
that means i'll at school only for three days ..
that sounds so pleasant.. isn't it?haha
dun jealous jealous!

last night, my family n i planned to berbuka at red wok restaurant
but all the tables were reserved n we had to find other restaurant..
but that wasn't a big deal because there are so many restaurants in bandar baru bangi..
so, my dad decided to berbuka at a thai food restaurant..

this, morning i went to Hairzone with my sister n my mother..
i wanted to cut my hair because my fierce and saiko warden is going to cut my head if i'm not cut my hair..
my money is safe because my kindhearted n beloved mother pay it for me..
thanks a lot mak..

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