Friday, September 17, 2010


yesterday, hakim, hasbi, zul, lokman, zharfan, syukry  went raya-ing.
i was really determined not to do a ton of homeworks which i haven't finish yet.
but  i'll boost up and double my efforts to finish them by today.
our first destination was Zharfan's house.
we gathered at his house at 6 30 p.m. it was fun and exciting.
 we were eating, non-stop laughing and talking each other until i feel like my tummy was going to burst due to laugh all the time.
after that, we went to the next house which was hasbi's house.
we performed maghrib prayer at hasbi's house. After that,
i was playing some songs with hasbi's guitar to make the environment more happening.haha
after that, we went to the last house which was man's house.
we ate mee soup at his house. 
Dsc01787but hakim suddenly was screaming for drink like hysteria. it was because Hasbi was challenging him to eat and finish the mee soup with 10 spoons of sambal cili into his bowl. can u imagine it how was hakim reaction at that time? really funny. muka hakim pun boleh jd merah.haha


esterday, i went to some open houses of my friends.
before that, khairul and me were accompanying Yusra to buy futsal shoe at Adidas store at Kajang.
at first only Yusra wanted to buy shoe and i was not interested to buy futsal shoe but later our faith had been tested by the various adidas futsal shoes. the designs of the shoes were really cool and its performance were really superb i guess. it was really really like begging me and khairul to buy one. after i have made comparison and tested a dozen of shoes i declared that the X-predito-X was going to be mine. i've spent RM170 for my lovely futsal shoe and the latest adidas futsal was released on the early of this month in Malaysia:D elok2 wallet aku dgn khairul tebal skrg dah npis balik.kau punya pasal la ni yusra.haha
ADIDAS X PREDITO X IN G14237 mine is white

after three of us bought shoes. then we headed to khalilah's house and then ain's house. i've met many of my previous school friends. it was okay la. but masa open house tu ada kawan aku yang mcm buat tak tahu je dgn aku since ak masuk asrama ni. i really have no idea why she became like that? sblm ni we were best takpela nk buat mcm mana. i know time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations of people.

Monday, September 13, 2010

im amazed by this songs.

the time shows 2.10 a.m but i haven't sleep yet maybe because i woke up late on yesterday morning.
so, i surf the Youtube and i'm browsing fr some interesting video to reduce my boringness.
after watching some videos. Suddenly, i find a video which is catching my eyes to be watched.
the video entitles The Chosen One by Maher Zain.
it really makes me conscious and touched by the lyric of the song. it's about the kindness of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
im also proud of the singer of this song. he inserts the islamic element into his song and he sings to spread the dakwah and not only for entertainment.

the chosen one
another nice song. insha allah

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid.

happy Eid to all my friends n those who know me.
im sorry if i did any mistake towards you purposely or un purposely.
everyone makes mistake because there's nobody perfect in this word.
forgive someone is easier than to hate someone.

today was my first day raya. when i was in childhood the very first thing that will came to my mind about hari raya was collecting duit raya. it was really fun when my cousins and i were
competing each other to get duit raya. but now we are teenagers already and people will start
not to give us money anymore. i lost one of the pleasures of hari raya.sobs sobs. haha

i love hari raya because there are variaties of delicacies food. today, i was started my day with filling my stomach with many kind of food such as lemang, ketupat, rendang daging, rendang ayam, nasi impit, londeh, kuah kacang and many more ravish dishes and the consequent of eating a lot was i had a stomachache. that's normal fr me because all i need to do is just sound shit la bro!;)

fireworks is a compulsory element that shouldn't be forget.
raya will not be perfect without fireworks.
last night was a splendid night for us. we were enjoying fireworks until late at night.
but i need more adventure and challenging activity.
so, i decided to make some noise in our village by using cannon. sure u are eager to know what the hell is it rite?it's not DSLR camera but it's called meriam in BM.;)
wanna try it? unfortunately u can't bcoz it's too dangerous fr you which had no experience with that. kesian2.;)

it was me n i was helped by my cousin(wan) to ensure the meriam was in a good condition.
cool tak?

Monday, September 6, 2010

hanged out

actually this entry is about my sunday's activity.
i know it's kinda late to share with u all due to my laziness n i was not in the right mood to write.
zharfan, aiman n i went to time square n sungei wang.
we planned to depart from ktm kajang at 11a.m.
but i was late 45 minutes from the actual time because suddenly i forgot where i put my wallet.
zharfan n Aiman were patiently waiting 45minutes fr me.haha
i couldn't found my wallet. so, i brought the money which was given by my dad.
when i arrived at ktm kajang i met them with innocent face n ignored about what they mumbled.;)
we bought ticket to bandar tasik selatan n changed to LRT from bandar tasik selatan to Hang tuah.
then, we were walking around in time square then went to sungei wang n lastly went back to time square. all i bought were just a Lois jean and an Abstrax Jingga T-shirt.

Friday, September 3, 2010


this entry is about an experiment that i've been dreaming for quite a long time.
which is an experiment to show aerobic respiration of living thing.
so, we decided to choose a frog which was bought by my friend at a Exotic restaurant to be the victim of this experiment.the size of the frog was enormously huge but liked it.
i named the frog as Kodok.:)
Firstly , we made Kodok insensible by using chloroform.
afterwards, we operated Kodok and investigate the various inner parts of Kodok by usingscissors, probe, magnifying glass and tweezers.
it was enjoyable n exciting.:D
finally, after finished the experiment we had to kill Kodok.
it should be sad right? but we did it such an evil manner without mercy.
because we knew that science needs sacrifice.hahaha
here are some pictures.