Friday, September 3, 2010


this entry is about an experiment that i've been dreaming for quite a long time.
which is an experiment to show aerobic respiration of living thing.
so, we decided to choose a frog which was bought by my friend at a Exotic restaurant to be the victim of this experiment.the size of the frog was enormously huge but liked it.
i named the frog as Kodok.:)
Firstly , we made Kodok insensible by using chloroform.
afterwards, we operated Kodok and investigate the various inner parts of Kodok by usingscissors, probe, magnifying glass and tweezers.
it was enjoyable n exciting.:D
finally, after finished the experiment we had to kill Kodok.
it should be sad right? but we did it such an evil manner without mercy.
because we knew that science needs sacrifice.hahaha
here are some pictures.

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