Monday, September 6, 2010

hanged out

actually this entry is about my sunday's activity.
i know it's kinda late to share with u all due to my laziness n i was not in the right mood to write.
zharfan, aiman n i went to time square n sungei wang.
we planned to depart from ktm kajang at 11a.m.
but i was late 45 minutes from the actual time because suddenly i forgot where i put my wallet.
zharfan n Aiman were patiently waiting 45minutes fr me.haha
i couldn't found my wallet. so, i brought the money which was given by my dad.
when i arrived at ktm kajang i met them with innocent face n ignored about what they mumbled.;)
we bought ticket to bandar tasik selatan n changed to LRT from bandar tasik selatan to Hang tuah.
then, we were walking around in time square then went to sungei wang n lastly went back to time square. all i bought were just a Lois jean and an Abstrax Jingga T-shirt.

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