Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid.

happy Eid to all my friends n those who know me.
im sorry if i did any mistake towards you purposely or un purposely.
everyone makes mistake because there's nobody perfect in this word.
forgive someone is easier than to hate someone.

today was my first day raya. when i was in childhood the very first thing that will came to my mind about hari raya was collecting duit raya. it was really fun when my cousins and i were
competing each other to get duit raya. but now we are teenagers already and people will start
not to give us money anymore. i lost one of the pleasures of hari raya.sobs sobs. haha

i love hari raya because there are variaties of delicacies food. today, i was started my day with filling my stomach with many kind of food such as lemang, ketupat, rendang daging, rendang ayam, nasi impit, londeh, kuah kacang and many more ravish dishes and the consequent of eating a lot was i had a stomachache. that's normal fr me because all i need to do is just sound shit la bro!;)

fireworks is a compulsory element that shouldn't be forget.
raya will not be perfect without fireworks.
last night was a splendid night for us. we were enjoying fireworks until late at night.
but i need more adventure and challenging activity.
so, i decided to make some noise in our village by using cannon. sure u are eager to know what the hell is it rite?it's not DSLR camera but it's called meriam in BM.;)
wanna try it? unfortunately u can't bcoz it's too dangerous fr you which had no experience with that. kesian2.;)

it was me n i was helped by my cousin(wan) to ensure the meriam was in a good condition.
cool tak?

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  1. bjet je ko ni..bru first time main, da nk bgge..haha!!