Saturday, October 16, 2010

keseronokan yang terasa

on this very calm evening im taking an opportunity to write an entry about the whole thing that happened to my life previously.
i went to sbpi Tun Abdul Razak which is located in Kuantan,Pahang last month.
the purpose i went there was to bring a victory together with my friends for a Drawing Banner Competition on National Level and to get the national certificate which will benefit us a high cocuricular marks. hmm, actually we didn't expect to win the competition because it was participated by the great sbp schools entire this country.
but we didn't give up easily and we won't go back with emptied hand after we went through this far. my teammates was wanie, saffuan and najwa. they were really talented in art including me too.;) we were spending quite a long time together and a lot of funny things happened during our training such as najwa accidentally stepped at the almost completed drawing banner with her red coloured foot. and wanie was not only painting the banner but she also was painting her clothes and she only had realised it after our work had finished.:D i can say that we almost burst our stomach by laughing most of the time. during the competition, we were really concentrated on our job and cooperated each other to get the best and awesome result. the best moment was when our school and name were announced to be the winner. it was really unexpected outcome. i was really grateful for it. the prize was great because each one of us got rm100 with national certificate.:D

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