Saturday, October 16, 2010

peperiksaan ialah penyiksaan

on this very busy night, i'm going to post a new entry about exam which was started on 5 October.
this exams are standardized for all sbp's in the whole, the questions will be harder than usual.
so far, i've been seated for all subjects except chemist and bio that will be on monday and tuesday respectively.i found that the papers that were prepared by the sbp were so stupid because there were so many technical problems especially mathematics paper. i was stressed answering maths paper 2 because there were many corrections on questions. the most part that i really sick of, was when i did already the question but then the teacher announced that there was a correction on that question and i have to waste my precious time do the fucking ass hole thing. -,- i would to say that the management of the sbp was totally suck because the exams supposed to be started on 18 October but they made it earlier to 5 October. WTH is that? consequent of this ridiculous change, the teachers had rushed teaching us to finish all the syllabus before the exams started.The victims are students because due to the fast teaching, they had to understand a lot of things in a short time and it is quite impossible to understand very well on the topics that were taught by the teachers. btw, im hoping that i'll get a good result fr this time.

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