Sunday, November 28, 2010

keluar, berjalan dan lepak

it was Wednesday. i continued my sleep after subuh prayer until 9 a.m. actually that was my first time woke up earlier than 11a.m on this holidays.after that, i was getting my self ready to go ktm station to meet up my friends. my friends and i gathered at ktm station and we were heading to mid valley. the very first thing that we must do when we reached was eating. everyone were starved like he_l because we haven't had our breakfast yet.afterward we played pool, bowling and watched movie, Unstoppable. that movie gave me a lesson that success can't be achieved without sacrifices and a nut shell, i enjoyed and thrilled with them.
waiting with patience
usha apa?

bagi tiket.

muka ceria lepas makan

this is how a pro plays pool

tan kai lee. but i called him tan ci bai because he called me sobabi.haha

mesej yg cuba disampaikan= gembira selalu

budak yg kerek. kalahkn aku dgn teruk.


kene susun


main ni je aku reti

hit the ball

everyone is showing ass

nk gadoh?

nama salah eja. mcm siot.

muka  excited gila



king and sobri



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

keinsafan yang diresapi

my result of final exam was quite bad.
i thought the result that i've got was quite okay and i felt comfortable with that.
but after thinking fr quite a long time. i've asked to my self.
is that the result that am i going to get for my spm?really shamed.
even though im an sbp student it doesn't mean am i guaranteed to get a good result for my spm if i keep playing around and lazy.
i should finish all the holiday's homework.
i should study and do not waste much time on doing useless thing.
i should start open and reading educational books now.
i should  start doing add math exercises.
i should start re-learn and understand the chemistry.
i must change myself, attitudes.
but how am i going to make  all these become reality?
im stuck and running out of ideas and spirit to carry out all these.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

illegal class party

hadiah yg aku dapat
everyone was trying their best to bring some food staff from their home to be donated to the starved victims of 4 farabi for our class party. it has been planned a few weeks before we were going back home. based on the plan the party should be at the first night of prep after the holiday. so, we followed the plan that had been decided by the genius farabians. the party began when naja stepped into the class by carrying a huge tong of fried rice. it was surprised all the students of four farabi because we never thought that she will be brought that much of fried rice. after that, i found that there were varieties of food which will be digested in our monster tummy.haha. unfortunately, our plan almost ruined because we had encounter an obstacle, we were not allowed by the teacher to have a class party during prep and it can't be carried out at class room. do you think that we will obey the rule? definitely our voices will say no to that order. farabians were not coward enough to carry on the class party even though we have been warned before. cool isn't it?haha the party was successfully done without any supervention or nuisance from teacher that night. after that, we did the gift exchange. a funny incident was happened when bob didn't have time to buy gift for eika  and he didn't know what to give to her. luckily, boys of four farabi were creative to help bob that moment we tied up and decorated a kiwi fruit and some packets of Oat Krunch biscuit into a recycle gift box.haha  here are the pictures to show you our best moment.
semua kecoh nk start

Hadiah istimewa sdg diproses

sedang diikat dgn reben dgn teliti.haha

aku recycle balik kotak hadiah yg aku dpt bg kat iylia.

mior dpt barang baik bhai

kakak 'hot' and abang 'hensem'.

jaan dan syuk

pokok kaktus kat sekeliling aku

barang baik

wan dan kamil

budak2 gangster kat belakang

amalina dan min

ezzo dan shuhada yg tak 'garang'. haha

pokok kaktus lagi

muka teruja


mangsa bob.bwk byk bersabar eh.haha

starved victims. kesian aku tgk dorg ni.ish2.

hadiah bob yg di sediakan kamil(baju hitam).haha


Friday, November 19, 2010

barbeque night

it was a peaceful and a very harmony night. The fire started to burn the fractures of woods until the burning woods became ember. i was one of the students who were responsible to conduct the BBQ. It was actually one of the activity of the perkhemahan perdana camp. The food materials that we used were chickens, sausages and nuggets. everything was provided by the school. takkan nk bocorkan pocket money aku pulak kan beli sume bahan pelantak ni?haha  the BBQ night started after we performed maghrib prayer because prayer is a pillar of religion and a priority. all the form four students were given a job to barbeque all the food material while the other batch did the other work. it was quite fun to be a barbeque chef because you can do two works at the same time which are cooking and eating.haha but i think only me and Bipop did the two job at the same time even though there was a boundary which tried to stop us from doing it which is syazlin. she always yelled at us when ever we took a sausage. but we ignored her because we have right to take it, kitorg kan chef. hebat kan? haha i don't wanna write to long. let the pictures story you about the splendid night.:D

ayam ni sumpah sedap. tak caya? korg tgk smpai kenyang.

bara yg memanggang ayam2 itu

bob bersama sobri

mangsa kebuluran kecuali kiri sekali

semua ahli pengakap yg menjayakan BBQ night

bipop yg pakai baju hijau.

penyediaan bara api

firdaus yang lapar

nazreen susun ayam

sabrina and sobri sedang usha ayam

buat bara lg


sausage yg selamat

sausage yg tak selamat