Tuesday, November 23, 2010

keinsafan yang diresapi

my result of final exam was quite bad.
i thought the result that i've got was quite okay and i felt comfortable with that.
but after thinking fr quite a long time. i've asked to my self.
is that the result that am i going to get for my spm?really shamed.
even though im an sbp student it doesn't mean am i guaranteed to get a good result for my spm if i keep playing around and lazy.
i should finish all the holiday's homework.
i should study and do not waste much time on doing useless thing.
i should start open and reading educational books now.
i should  start doing add math exercises.
i should start re-learn and understand the chemistry.
i must change myself, attitudes.
but how am i going to make  all these become reality?
im stuck and running out of ideas and spirit to carry out all these.

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