Sunday, November 28, 2010

keluar, berjalan dan lepak

it was Wednesday. i continued my sleep after subuh prayer until 9 a.m. actually that was my first time woke up earlier than 11a.m on this holidays.after that, i was getting my self ready to go ktm station to meet up my friends. my friends and i gathered at ktm station and we were heading to mid valley. the very first thing that we must do when we reached was eating. everyone were starved like he_l because we haven't had our breakfast yet.afterward we played pool, bowling and watched movie, Unstoppable. that movie gave me a lesson that success can't be achieved without sacrifices and a nut shell, i enjoyed and thrilled with them.
waiting with patience
usha apa?

bagi tiket.

muka ceria lepas makan

this is how a pro plays pool

tan kai lee. but i called him tan ci bai because he called me sobabi.haha

mesej yg cuba disampaikan= gembira selalu

budak yg kerek. kalahkn aku dgn teruk.


kene susun


main ni je aku reti

hit the ball

everyone is showing ass

nk gadoh?

nama salah eja. mcm siot.

muka  excited gila



king and sobri



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