Sunday, December 26, 2010

jamming with them

i was jamming with my friends that had the crazy minded like me. they were shukri, aiman and aliff. This crappy idea was created by a beginner musician but talented like me which named shukri. he was suggested this because he got nothing to do at home other than making his stomach bigger. joke dude joke.haha he tagged three of us in his post which sound like this. " weh korang bila nak jamm ni? . we were giving him the best answer to make him happy which was " ANYTIME BROTHER". after a few days later which was on last thursday we decided to gather at mcd at 1 p.m.I was late one hour and made them waiting like hell yeah. sorry this shouldn't be happen if i can find my wallet at 1 p.m. unfortunately i've found it after half an hour later. SHIT you wallet! afterward, i straight away riding my bike went to mcd Kajang. when i reached there i  can say that they were the most PATIENT friends that i ever had because they waited me to finish my Big Mac even though they have wasted their precious time.haha. after that, we headed to the jamming place. the first salam was given by my aliff to the person who might be sleeping in the jamming studio but no answer then the 2nd salam by Aiman. unfortunately still no answer. So, i volunteered my self to voice out my SCREAMO voice to wake them up and it worked. amik kau. suara olok-olok warden dah keluar.haha. then we started to jamm. everyone took thier place. i was the vocalist and rythm guitarist, shukry was the lead guitarist, aliff was the bass guitarist and aiman as a drummer. i bought my camera in order to capture this grand moment but my battery was weak and we just had a couple of picture. kesian aku tak de gmbar. :( these are the photos that had been captured.:D
drumstik besi

Aiman si pengetuk besi
niat dan perbuatan yang sama cuma lokasi je lain.haha
aliff sedang memanaskan badan dan jari-jari

Thursday, December 23, 2010

perkahwinan nana

now i realized that i have 10 days left  to stay at home before i leave home go to school. so, i wanna do everything that i planned to do. updating blog is listed in the thing that i wanna do. so, you have to frequently open my blog to read the new entry. haha.Diana which is my sister was getting married with her beloved husband Sahizal Akmal on 18 December. the wedding was splendid and festal. there were more than 1000 people came to wedding ceremony. most of the people who came were our relatives, friends and neighbors. my closed relatives came 1 day earlier before the wedding to help us for the preparation. after finished the preparation, i planned to hang at mamak's restaurant with my male cousins. i can say that there are also my best friends because we did many things together since we were young until now.The best moment with them when the four of us were bersunat.haha .the dishes and food was served by catering. the taste of the food was okay la but the service that their gave was quite disappointed. by the way, from this wedding i can get to know my relatives which i rarely meet. overall, the wedding was undergoing smoothly based on what was planned.

Friday, December 17, 2010

last tuition.

nak show off nama aku.haha
gaya je lebih.haha
after a half month i woke up early in the morning to go tuition at ptm. yesterday was the last day i went tuition. it was also the last time i attended a class tuition before SPM 2011. WTF? im not ready for it even though i've been learning since i was six year old until now for SPM which is also my future. what will i be years from now? how will i look? i think too muuuuuch. i think too muchhh! dah keluar lagu Aizat pulak.haha  years from now. okay. there are couples of things that i want to tell you about yesterday. yesterday tuition was started by add math class by Mr Kiru. i never failed to apprehend every single topic that he taught us. plus, he was damn funny.

next class was  Biology i always feel dozed because the teacher was just giving us answer and he did not explain to us very well. there was less interaction between students and teacher. however, i did focus and listen to him on the last day. Miracle! haha.

Friday, December 10, 2010

difficult add math became easy with easy add math

i've attended easy add math camp for four days at UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA from 4 December until 8 December.there were 200 students from entire malaysia participated in this program. the purpose of this camp was to teach students on how to do add maths questions by using the easiest method that they created. yeah. i admit it. it was so easy by using their method. we were so impressed and extremely amazed on what they taught the teachers were  funny and friendly.they always praised boy students and made jokes about girl students.maybe because they wanted us to pay attention by praising us. good strategy and it worked.haha. we didn't feel stressed and bored even though we were studying add maths more than 8 hours in one day. they taught us every single topic in form 4 add maths.there were a lot of benefits of this camp to me.
1. i can fill up my holidays with something that very useful  for my spm next year.
2.i met up new friends.
3.  boleh cuci mata tengok awek cun.:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

camera baru

i've been dreaming to have a fabulous DSLR camera for quite a long time ago.i was a little bit envy to those people who have is a way too cool!DSLR camera means digital single lens camera, i'm sure you know it.
there are 3 levels of this camera. which are entry level, mid level and pro level.beginners are suggested to be exposed with the entry level and mid level.i'm still be happy if i get the chance to own the entry level. i'll be more happy if the mid level be mine. i'll be extremely fucking happy if i the pro level be mine. IT'S HEAVEN!!
eventually, now one of my big dreams and desires is fulfilled.
all i got was this EOS550D.

love photography.:)

anak sedara handsome kepada handsome:)