Friday, December 17, 2010

last tuition.

nak show off nama aku.haha
gaya je lebih.haha
after a half month i woke up early in the morning to go tuition at ptm. yesterday was the last day i went tuition. it was also the last time i attended a class tuition before SPM 2011. WTF? im not ready for it even though i've been learning since i was six year old until now for SPM which is also my future. what will i be years from now? how will i look? i think too muuuuuch. i think too muchhh! dah keluar lagu Aizat pulak.haha  years from now. okay. there are couples of things that i want to tell you about yesterday. yesterday tuition was started by add math class by Mr Kiru. i never failed to apprehend every single topic that he taught us. plus, he was damn funny.

next class was  Biology i always feel dozed because the teacher was just giving us answer and he did not explain to us very well. there was less interaction between students and teacher. however, i did focus and listen to him on the last day. Miracle! haha.

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