Saturday, April 24, 2010

mid year exam.

the mid year exam is just around the corner.
n im struggling n put more effort fr that.
my previous exam was not so good n i want to improve and reach my target.
books will be my scandal fr this 2 weeks.
my request:
please pray the best fr me,haha
nnti aku belanja korg makan!

long time no update

hari anugerah
i've received a message from my sister.
she told me that hari anugerah will be at 12 april.
then, i called my father and we were discussing about it.

he said he will take me home for the Hari Anugerah.
then, my best friend, danial called me.
he asked me whether i'll be comin
g on that day or not?
i answered him that i'll come and asked him what am i going to wear on that day?
he told me that we must wear prefect uniform school.
on the historical day, i met my beloved friends and teachers and i really missed are some pictures