Friday, September 17, 2010


yesterday, hakim, hasbi, zul, lokman, zharfan, syukry  went raya-ing.
i was really determined not to do a ton of homeworks which i haven't finish yet.
but  i'll boost up and double my efforts to finish them by today.
our first destination was Zharfan's house.
we gathered at his house at 6 30 p.m. it was fun and exciting.
 we were eating, non-stop laughing and talking each other until i feel like my tummy was going to burst due to laugh all the time.
after that, we went to the next house which was hasbi's house.
we performed maghrib prayer at hasbi's house. After that,
i was playing some songs with hasbi's guitar to make the environment more happening.haha
after that, we went to the last house which was man's house.
we ate mee soup at his house. 
Dsc01787but hakim suddenly was screaming for drink like hysteria. it was because Hasbi was challenging him to eat and finish the mee soup with 10 spoons of sambal cili into his bowl. can u imagine it how was hakim reaction at that time? really funny. muka hakim pun boleh jd merah.haha


esterday, i went to some open houses of my friends.
before that, khairul and me were accompanying Yusra to buy futsal shoe at Adidas store at Kajang.
at first only Yusra wanted to buy shoe and i was not interested to buy futsal shoe but later our faith had been tested by the various adidas futsal shoes. the designs of the shoes were really cool and its performance were really superb i guess. it was really really like begging me and khairul to buy one. after i have made comparison and tested a dozen of shoes i declared that the X-predito-X was going to be mine. i've spent RM170 for my lovely futsal shoe and the latest adidas futsal was released on the early of this month in Malaysia:D elok2 wallet aku dgn khairul tebal skrg dah npis balik.kau punya pasal la ni yusra.haha
ADIDAS X PREDITO X IN G14237 mine is white

after three of us bought shoes. then we headed to khalilah's house and then ain's house. i've met many of my previous school friends. it was okay la. but masa open house tu ada kawan aku yang mcm buat tak tahu je dgn aku since ak masuk asrama ni. i really have no idea why she became like that? sblm ni we were best takpela nk buat mcm mana. i know time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations of people.