Saturday, February 5, 2011

pengacara malam gemilang

i was being an emcee with Nad for the Malam Gemilang night. Malam Gemilang night was a night which the form one students had to present their performance to the crowd. that was the peak of  Form 1 orientation program  of sbpi Gopeng that was held in dewan Ibnu Sina. nama dewan nak up je.masalah betul.haha

okay. i wanna tell you that i never ever  be an emcee in my history life and that night was my first time i was emcee-ing quite a big function.At my previous school, i was ordered to be an emcee for an event in my school but i refused it. i didn't come to school on that day because being an emcee was a terrible and a creepy nightmare to me. i prefer to recite the doa, singing, sajak or whatever rather than being an emcee. do you know why? this is because i was afraid to talk to the crowd especially when i have to speak spontaneously and i will talk crap. fuckingshithellyeah. haha.

okay.  do you know what i did when i was being an emcee for that night? let me story you about the most humiliate moment in my life. haha. at the beginning of the night i wasn't so nervous because the text was prepared by my friend which was Khaizuran Hadi for Nad and me. a very great thank to him. so, we just need to read it in non-formal intonation. how an earth was i going to do this? but i believe to myself that i can do it and i did it very "well". i was reading the text like reading news on a TV with the unfeeling face but quite handsome la.ehemmm *cough. can you imagine it? don't laugh yet. -,-.

Next, after some performance i felt bored with the way of my intonation  because it was not so attractive when using the text. so, i decided to take a drastic action which was emcee-ing without the text. i was walking with the confident face toward the emcee microphone. i started to open my mouth and i was trying say and utter some words but suddenly my mind was blank and i did mistake. i was regret didn't use the text. i know i should not regret because if it was bad it was an experience for me and if it was good it was wonderful, that night i got a new experience which was to talk to the crowd spontaneously . i was kinda proud of myself because i was trying to overcome my weakness. haih terbalik pulak aku ni.boleh bangga pulak buat silap..haha at the end of the function i apologize to the crowd with this pantun.
makan roti canai sekali dengan kuah,
bila nak bayar pinjam duit ceti, 
jika ada silap dan salah,
jangan disimpan di dalam hati.

pantun ni aku main belasah je.:) 

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