Monday, March 28, 2011

gambar hockey

bas sekolah yg bawak kitorg smpai penang. berjasa jugak kau kat aku eh bas! haha

dalam perjalanan. aday yg tido, ada yg jaga. aku confirm la tido.:)

contoh budak tido yg tak senonoh. ish3

pada pagi subuh yg gelap kami bertolak. muka aku pun mcm tak ikhlas.:/

tido lg.

atak dan razi

stylo jugak rambut aku dari tepi kan? haha

sebelum masuk ke dewan untuk taklimat. sedang buang angin  sebelum masuk.


jejaka2 tampan bersedia beraksi. sobri berada 5 dari kanan, 5 dari kiri. sedang berdiri.:D

berdiri dari kiri: cikgu anesah, DJ , muhaimin, saikak, Aku la sobri, arep, ahtak,ayam, cikgu razi.
bawah: aiman , robot, kodok, razi, kodok junior , sabil

bas sekolah yang bajet bagus

razi, sobri(aku) dan cikgu menggelakkan azmil yg kantoi mengorat awek kat belakang tu.haha

cikgu tgh planning stratergy

muka semua cuak sbb game kitrg lepas ni.

menikmati perlawanan

aku sedang bersiap sedia nak pakai baju keeper

masuk turve, sumpah aku rasa nak tercabut jantung. nervous gila babi.


perlawanan bermula. 

rehat sebentar sebab azan

nmpak tak aku yg pakai baju mcm robot tu.:D

riak wajah kepenatan selepas menang:)

aku respect gila popo. no wonder lah pandai. sempat lg study.

SMS kepala Batas ada paint ball kot. COOOOOL GILA BABI

membasahkan turve bertujuan supaya turve sentiasa lembab dan sedap utk sliding

 tak puas hati

sobri, Dj

aku lagi

syok dapat baring.

 ye la tu. best.

taksub bas sekolah

barisan stick hoki yg tak seberapa.haha

gubahan drpd sobri kembar lautner

Friday, March 25, 2011


SPM will appear shortly. I was very scared and not sure of myself whether I am able to deal with it. I have often asked myself whether I am able to get all A in SPM? I do not want to disappoint them with the results that I would display them. Instead, I want them to be happy and feel worthy of what they have done for my benefit. YA ALLAH, please give me patience, strength and courage to face this challenge. I am a servant of yours which often make sins and mistakes  ​​to you. I often forget about my responsibilities as a Muslim because I am a weak person and is often forgotten. So. please help me to be a successful man in the world and the hereafter.amin.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

pertandingan hoki peringkat daerah dan peringkat SBP

            it's been a long time which was more than a month i didn't post any entry about what was happening to my self on this blog and i know my blog is getting lame. this is because i wasn't able to online and  i was busy with school activities, hockey tournaments, and Examination. I'm going to share with you my experience involved in hockey field.

         Actually, this year was my first time playing hockey. Honestly, i didn't know anything about hockey at all.Plus, i wasn't interesting to play that sport. But everything changed after the government added a new condition which the students have to achieve a good mark for their cocuriculum marks and SPM results in order to enter a good, i was one of the victims desperately needed to be involved in any sport to get mark for my cocuriculum. there were quite many games that i can play because i was born as a talented person. hoho. but i decided to choose a game that i never played before, i thinked it was the right time for me to try it.

     On a very good evening, i sacrificed my evening sleep time to come to the selection of the hockey players of the school. i did it quite well. as a result, i was  qualified  to be the goalie of the hockey team. I realized that it was not easy to be a goalie as what i expected. We were training every evening in order to win the upcoming  SBP hockey tournament and the most important was to get the participation certificate. We also had a friendly game between our school and SBPI Gombak.Surprisingly, i met my ex-tuition class mate and also my best friend nurul najwa. I was happy to me her .She was one of the hockey players of SBPI Gombak. As a result, both of the teams of our school won over the SBPI Gombak. Boys win 2-0 and girls win 1-0. bangga jugak aku, padahal tak sentuh bola langsung.hoho.

    The next month, we went to SMS Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang to join the SBP Hockey Tournament that was held in that school. On the first day, we won our first match against SMS Tapah,(SESTA).We were very happy for the first victory that we had and we hoped that the victory will belong to us for the next match against our tradition enemy SMS Raja Tun Azlan Shah, (SERATAS) which was the last year's champion team.  I was quite nervous and afraid before the game started because I was going to encounter a good team and i knew that i'll be tested mentally and physically this time. I tried to overcome those feeling that might be affecting my performance. fortunately, i managed to overcome those feelings and i was enthusiastically to start the game when i stepped into the hockey turf.Unfortunately, we lose to that team. their team was too great compared to us. we were very upset with that result.  On the next day, we drew 1-1 against SMS Teluk Intan SEMESTI.we didn't qualify to semi final and went back to school on the next day with emptied hand.

        On the next week, we had another hockey tournament of district level. this time we had to ensure that the victory will belong to us somehow and we played very well. We drew at the first match against SMK Methodist, kampar.that was really disappointing our teachers. We had to rise on the match in order to win. we won all the next games.

  1. GIBS   2-0  SYS
  2. GIBS   9-0 SMK Malim Menawar
  3. GIBS   5-0 SMK Tun Teja 
     Alhamdulillah, the victory was ours. we won the tournament.:)))))))))