Sunday, May 29, 2011

go kart

last month, i didn't go back to my home for the 3 days holiday because my parents went for a vacation to Vietnam. So, i decided to go to my friend's home at Setiawan which is near to Lumut. i had a very blossom activity there which was go karting. i never have tried it before and i thought that was a great time for me to try it even though i know that my time to study for exams which was on the next week would be wasted.haha.

ni lah trek dia.

i was accelerating with the top speed. hebat kan?haha

walaupun dapat no 4 daripada 4 itu tak bermakna saya tewas. betul tak?:)

sampai ke penghujung

that was really awesome. i felt like i was a professional racer


nazreen me n ahboy

sama je la

me balck n ahboy

kau mmg nak bajet no 1 je

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my beloved ugly go kart

the handsome

black buat muka taik

muka kalah

rocks babey

takde champagne la pulak. ceh haha

bermula pusingan ke-2.

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