Tuesday, June 7, 2011


today i went to library in Bangi with one main objective which to do homework and some revisions. 
when i arrived there, i parked motorcycle and entered the library. i went upstairs because the first floor of the library was kinda noisy and there were quite many people.
Actually, it was a good sign that shown Malaysians were getting interested  with library. i am seeking an ideal place to study. finally, i found it. That table was far from people and i can start doing my homework without any disturbance. after couple hours i've been there. As a result, i accomplished my physic assignment and i did some revisions on biology subject.that was really good enough for me and i thanked god for giving a spirit and perseverance to do it. I admit that i am really weak in Biology subject. the last time i aced biology was last year and i hoped that was not the only A for Biology in my life. i forgot to tell you that i also had failed on the same subject once. haha. eh, im running from the topic pulak. 
After that, as a normal student i felt bored and my eyes cannot stand anymore with the words from the text book. you know, the sentences from  the text book are really boring and they have a special abilty which can make you fall asleep after you read them for a few pages or maybe a few words like always happens to me.hahaha. i walked to the shelves of books to find an interesting book. Eventually, i found a book was catching my eyes which was a Guinnes World Record in 3D. I never thought that book also can be found in 3D. that was pretty awesome man but unfortunately i can't see the images in 3D because the 3D glasses was not there. after i read the book i found something that really really can cause you histeria and insomnia and over-exciting. it was Muhammad Sobri Fadzil B. Lady Johari is the most handsome man in the world. okay i'm kidding but if you feel it's true i thank you so much.hahaha after that, i went to Mcd and bought a Big Mac to bring back home. that's all for today.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


hari ni aku nak beremosi sikit pasal hidup aku belakangan ni.
pelik kan tetiba pulak aku ni beremosi. 
tp takpa korang layan je lah apa yg aku nak bgtau ni.
korang perasan tak aku dah MACAM jarang nak online.
dah MACAM jarang keluar dengan kawan2 aku.
dah MACAM anti-sosial.
dah MACAM  katak yang kacak di bawah tempurung.
dah MACAM jarang nak text orang walaupun before ni aku selalu text orang tu.
dan MACAM-MACAM lg. kalau tak perasan takpe sbb aku mmg dah bgtau.
aku minta maaf lah kalau korang ingat aku sombong, riak ujub, takbur dan sebagainya dan sewaktu dengannya, jangan salah faham ye.
aku rasa tertekan sebab SPM ada lg 5 bulan je.
dan result aku mid year hari tu tidak mencapai target aku walaupun ada peningkatan.
jadi aku terpaksa lah mengabaikan kenikmatan2 ini utk 5 bulan ini.
sbb aku pernah dengar pepatah yg mengatakan kejayaan memerlukan pengorbanan.
dan aku berpegang kepada prinsip ini.
lg satu, Allah akan memberikan balasan setimpal dengan usaha yg lakukan.
harapan aku harap korg faham situasi aku sekarang ni.