Tuesday, June 7, 2011


today i went to library in Bangi with one main objective which to do homework and some revisions. 
when i arrived there, i parked motorcycle and entered the library. i went upstairs because the first floor of the library was kinda noisy and there were quite many people.
Actually, it was a good sign that shown Malaysians were getting interested  with library. i am seeking an ideal place to study. finally, i found it. That table was far from people and i can start doing my homework without any disturbance. after couple hours i've been there. As a result, i accomplished my physic assignment and i did some revisions on biology subject.that was really good enough for me and i thanked god for giving a spirit and perseverance to do it. I admit that i am really weak in Biology subject. the last time i aced biology was last year and i hoped that was not the only A for Biology in my life. i forgot to tell you that i also had failed on the same subject once. haha. eh, im running from the topic pulak. 
After that, as a normal student i felt bored and my eyes cannot stand anymore with the words from the text book. you know, the sentences from  the text book are really boring and they have a special abilty which can make you fall asleep after you read them for a few pages or maybe a few words like always happens to me.hahaha. i walked to the shelves of books to find an interesting book. Eventually, i found a book was catching my eyes which was a Guinnes World Record in 3D. I never thought that book also can be found in 3D. that was pretty awesome man but unfortunately i can't see the images in 3D because the 3D glasses was not there. after i read the book i found something that really really can cause you histeria and insomnia and over-exciting. it was Muhammad Sobri Fadzil B. Lady Johari is the most handsome man in the world. okay i'm kidding but if you feel it's true i thank you so much.hahaha after that, i went to Mcd and bought a Big Mac to bring back home. that's all for today.


  1. haha~thats really you but frankly, i do not agree with the fact that u r the most handsome man in the world..ngeee~joking!

  2. firdaus hilmy- kalau kau pg library mesti tido punya. main chess pun boleh tido.haha

  3. lil_angie- of course i am not. but if 2nd or third most handsome still can be considered. haha joke.:)