Saturday, February 18, 2012

buang bayi sebab cinta serakah!

                     Assalamualaikum, I agree that time flies very fast but not flies forward but it flies very fast to turn back into jahiliah moment. From what we have learnt, jahiliah people are really stupid and brainless because they are willing to kill their daughters for the sake of their own belief instead of luck. Nowadays, I can say that our society is even worse than them because our people are really enjoyed killing their innocent babies including   boys and girls until we are getting used with the death of babies on the newspaper. Im always wondering where is the sense of humanity of these kind of disgusted killers? Are they really have a devil heart? in my opinion, the root of the problem is love. Nowadays, many youngsters involving in love at a really young age even though they do not know what a real love is. They are just loving each other just for their sexual desire and curiousity to try something new for them without consider the risks.If we really want to love somebody we should be sincere and never ever to take for granted of someone that we love. Don't be so dumb to sacrifice everything for someone that you love. We should set the limit of loving people but never set the limit to love Allah S.W.T and Rasulullah S.A.W.  My advice and force to those who has had sex before marriage please repentance and do not add another big sin by grabbing your baby's life. Be responsible for what you have done.Im sick of this cruel crimes! Control your sexual desire with fasting(puasa) insyaallah it works.

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