Tuesday, February 28, 2012

kenapa kita nak bantah tindakan yang betul?

                       I wonder why certain muslims get angry and emotional when Rais Yatim was canceling the Erykah Badu's concert? didn't they know that the temporary controversial tatto on Erykah Badu's body was insulting Islam and Muslims? I am not a perfect muslim but I have the limit of toleration if someone touch the sensitivity and try to contaminate the honor of my religious. I am really dissapointed with certain muslim celebrities in Malaysia that are regretting of the right action of Rais Yatim. Don't be so dumb!


  1. lack of Islamic education and that's what probably happen .
    when those kind of things happen , we can see , peoples start to speak . either with education or not , we can absolutely see it .
    yg org kat sana tu , senyum gelak je tgok kita tak ptahankan agama sndiri , Islam .
    org yg ptahankan Islam pun nak maki hamun . haram jadah buat cmtu . tah sape tah ajar . heihh laa . manusia laa manusia .

  2. you are right iqa. there are also certain people get the islamic education. Unfortunately, they didn't practice what they have learnt because they think that the islamic way will stop them from doing what is forbiden in Islam. mostly they are against Islam because their own significance. :(