Tuesday, February 28, 2012

motor Xpo di PWTC

I love high performance bike with a big cc of engine. I love it because of its powerful engine that can give me the speed that I want. It makes me look awesome when I ride it because it always be the attractions of the vehicle users on the road. I can escape the damn long traffic jam easily because of its small size that can move easily without any problem during the traffic jam and smile to those people in the cars who stranded for hours in the traffic jam. However, I'll be the most unlucky person if the rain fall heavily like cats and dogs because the roof of motorcycle is only the sky.

My dream superbike is Ducati Panigale. I wish I could afford to buy it soon even though I know that its price is costing bomb. I don't think it is wasteful to spend a big deal money on something that I dream.
Now you know that I am one of the fanatic fans of superbike and I will do what superbike lover should do. I went to the MotoXpo that was held at PWTC. All i can say about the expo is fcking awesome!
the package of buying this Panigale  is really interesting! I'll definitely buy this. haha

motor ni nampak classic. sesuai pakai bila umur menceceah 40-an. 

motor ni memang selesa kalau bawak jauh2.

this is really cool. I in love with its classic design. 

Ktm is one of my favourite brand.

the best model from KTM.

this is superb!

one of my dream bike. Can-am.

high performance scooter from yamaha!

another classic naked bike design!

cute isn't it? haha

very futuristic!

this is the best classic bike during the expo. combination of old and modern!

the best superbike offered from yamaha!

another comel scooter from suzuki!


  1. that skeleton-like bike..... I think ive seen it sumwhere xD

  2. wow, cool gila kalau dah keluar.:D