Thursday, February 16, 2012

Politik Di Malaysia

                                  Assalamualaikum, As we already know that the 13th PRU which is Pilihan Raya Umum
is just around the corner.  I would to express my opinions and feelings on this scenario. I believe that there are pros and cons of this every four years event. I would like to highlight on the cons of this controversial event to our country and citizens of Malaysia. I am as a Malaysian and as a student feel disappointed with politic environment in Malaysia because I find out that everyone is blaming and  accusing each other in order to maintain their power and popularity. They also create a new problem and not to solve a problem that citizens are facing. We do not want to waste our precious time to hear your quarrels and dramas. Stop accusing each other and let's find solutions for every problems together. let's forgive and do not forget the mistakes that you make but make the mistakes as lesson that can be apply as guides of ruling Malaysia. Do not break the strong bond between races in this country because of your own political significant. We do not want to be dumb by the leader that we chose give us light to our darkness. Stop exposing the lacks of each other because we can't run from mistakes and wrongs in reality but we can fixed the lacks and improve each other. Please remember that the main objective politics exist in this world is to help people. I love to live in Malaysia but I'm sick with its  stinky politic environment and I begged to the leaders to change and improve it to a more fragnance smell. We believe that you can do it by starting your first step to leave your bad attitudes and move towards the deeds. InsyaAllah. No barriers that can stop us from success if we are really working toward it. Government and Opposition are friends!