Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Passport pertama aku

                       I went out early at this morning to make a passport and I was hoping that not many people were going to Jabatan Imegresen. Surprisingly, there were crowd of people were queuing to wait for  the Jabatan Imegresen to open .Based on my observation I know that it will take a longer time to process my passport. arghh. why must a lot of people come at this crucial time? they should go to work and let the SPM leavers make passport first. haha. So, I decided to queue to get the number and wait for my turn to come. I'm satisfied with the jabatan imegresen system and its service because they didn't let the customers to wait for a long time.

        The numbers went smoothly and fast until my turn number was called. My first passport was ready to be own by me after I've done all the procedures to make passport.Now, I am able to visit my hometown, London to meet my step grandmother and my step grandfather. haha. I was joking. Actually, I am planning for a vacation near to our country. Luckily, everything is going to be free because I'll be fully sponsored by Abah. thank you to my sponsor.


              There's one amazing thing that I want to show you and I am sure that you are eagerly to know what it is going to be. I represent my passport picture. I am quite good looking in this picture. HAHAHA gotcha. I was joking again. :D


  1. yeay ! sob dah ade passport . haha . senang fly bile dah dapat offer study overseas :) jangan lup member lak kalau dah fly :) vacation ? uuuuuu . . . kat mne ?

  2. insyaallah la dapat oversea. kalau tak dapat kita sama2 buat local.:D vacation tu dekat surabaya, indonesia. haha

  3. Diana takde passport pun sebab tak mampu nak pi luar negara -__- jealous tengok orang yang pi outstation ni, sob sob :(

  4. alala. its okay diana. kita memang lah tak mampu sebab tak kerja lagi. lepas dah kerja confirm senang je nak pi luar negara kan?:)