Thursday, May 10, 2012


Asalamualaikum, its been a long time I didn't update my blog. It's because I don't have time and mood to update my blog. Fortunately, I feel like wanna share something important to those who are going to attend interview especially Mara interview. This week was really busy for me because I have to attend 2 interviews on the same week. I was heading to perak for IPG interview. The objective I attended that interview was to gain experience and confidence from the interview. I was offered Teaching English As Second Language course for it. Even though, I knew that this course can let me study oversea in uk for 2 years, I refused because being a teacher was not my dream and ambition. So, I was not doing my interview very well and seriously. Haha. There were many funny mistakes that I found very silly and funny that I did during interview. Please don't laugh after I'm telling you.for your information, i didn't do any early preparation for ipg interview and this caused me to be clumsy at the last minute. When I arrived to my friend's home Minred, I just realized that I didn't bring the original copy of certificates and a passport sized picture that were required and compulsory! I have no idea what should I do at that moment. Luckily, my genius brain was thinking a brilliant idea to overcome the passport picture problem. I was printing a picture from my fb album and resized and crop it into passport sized at minred's house at that night! I knew that I was going to be screwed up by the panels that were going to judge me because I print the picture on the normal A4 paper and did't bring the original certificates. haha it was okay I will lend my ears to hear any good or bad comments from the panels with open heart. My expectation was right. For your info, there were 3 segments of the IPG interview. First, you have to answer 135 civic questions in 30 minutes. I was finishing it in 20 minutes. 2ndly, group interview. You will be given a topic to be discussed with your group members and panels will judge based on it. I thought I was doing it very well until one of my friend think that I was a debater. What a great compliment.haha lastly, individual interview. I hate this part and you know it why! Haha

                 After I checked Mara for Program Ijazah Luar Negara. alhamdulillah, I got interview for mara to further my study in dentistry in Jordan! For this, there were no more jokes to be made by me because this offered the course that I really admired in my life. I have one day for the preparation of mara and I ensure that I'll be well prepared for this. I did everything from A to Z such as resume, original certificates and copy certificates and many more. unfortunately, the only things that required for the interview was a pencil and an interview offer letter. Hahaha i was in the same group with my classmate, huril. I was wondering why is this world so small until I can meet my class mate in the same group and at the same time.:) Mara Interview was quite simple because all you need  to do was to discuss the case that will be given and present it among your group members. Panels will judge you based on your soft-skills and your work during you discussion and presentation. As I was the only man in my group, I feel relieve because I can easily voice out my opinion without any interfere from another man. frankly speak, I feel like I was the boss!hahaha

                        Here is the case that I discussed and studied : Pak Ali has a diabetes that causes his legs need to be amputated by suggestion of doctors but Pak Ali refused to do it because he loves his legs too much.Pak Ali wants to find another alternative method of medicine which is tradtional method medicine. Discuss the pros and cons of traditional method and modern method with your team members! you'll be given  45 minutes to discuss and present it in any way such as debate or whatsoever that you want! panels will not interfere during that process. After that, Question and Answer Panel segment which too 15 minutes. Panel will question each of the candidate with any question that possible. One of the candidates in my group was giving me such a great compliment when she answered Who is the most effective person in this group? I was really blushing at that time. hahaha! After that, it was my turn to be asked by the panel. She asked me Who is the most INEFFECTIVE in your team member? I was surprising and shocked with this kind of question! I have no choice and I must answer it. The victim was a girl who was sitting beside me and I feel really SERBA SALAH with her. Luckily, she was okay after the interview and understood my situation! haha

                      TIPS UNTUK TEMUDUGA
1. Kena berani beb! kalau tak berani memang tak boleh blah nanti!
2. Kena Relax, kalau cemas nanti boleh tergagap-gagap sampai panel pun tak faham bahasa apa yang kita  guna.
3. Kena bajet sikit sebab bajet itu simbol keyakinan bak kata aku la!
4. Kena banyak bercakap, jangan senyap je waktu interview sebab aku risau nanti panel ingat kita bisu kalau kita senyap je. haha
5. Pakaian biarlah bersesuaian, bg lelaki perlu lah baju warna cerah dan tie yang sepadan dgn warna baju, seluar slack hitam, kasut kulit atau PVC yang berkilat dan kalau ada briefcase bawak briefcase sekali baru lah nampak korporat! haha
5.Last sekali, kena tawakal selepas berusaha. jangan sedih kalau tak dapat sebab Allah dah tentukan yang terbaik buat kita. Chill Sudah!

nah gambar model kacak untuk interview kali ni.hahah


  1. awak ni bajet la..hahaha...anyway gud luck r sob.....

  2. Haha thanks eloy. Saya mmg Bajet la. Haha

  3. nervous kot. esok interview PILN jugak -.-

  4. Good luck sya! You Jgn panik dan buat ya terbaik!

  5. Dudee , masa interview sorang2 harituu(IPG) banyak tak diaorang tny? and what kinda of question they asked ? Haha -___-
    anywayy best of luck for the Mara intervieww .

  6. There were a few personal questions about yourself and also questions like what is your specialty to become a teacher. What is your preparation for this interview? What do you know about the course that you want to take? Thanks. Insyaallah dapat! Amin

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