Tuesday, March 20, 2012

lesen P baru keluar

                                    Today, I got license P for motorcycle(B2) and car(D) after almost 3 weeks I passed the driving test.  I would like to share the procedures to get the license and my experiences in driving academy. The first thing that you have to do in order to get a license is you have to attend a five hours brief talk about the law and rules on the road or it is known as Ceramah Undang-undang Di jalan Raya. Based on my experience, I   didn't pay full attention to a long duration of that boring briefing. I think that it was really wasting my precious time. So, I decided to take a nap during the briefing.

                                    After that, you will be given time to study about the law and the rules on the road in order to pass the computer test. It consists of 50 questions, and you have to get at least 42 questions correct. Then only, you will be able to have an L driving license. Based on my experience, I advice you to study well and memorize the answers of each question in the Undang-undang book because 50 questions of the computer test will be chosen randomly from the Undang-undang book. If you fail the computer test, you have to pay rm28 to JPJ if you want to repeat the test. wasting money isn't it?

                                    Congratulations I bid to you if you get your L driving license. After that,you have to attend the 6 hours of briefing for each of the license category that you take. based on my experience, I have to hear a boring 12 hours of briefing because I took 2 license categories. it was really tiring!  fortunately, my teacher had skipped and shorten the length of 12 hours of briefing into 6 hours. after that, you'll be taught and trained by your teacher on how to drive and pass the driving test. I am interested to explain to you about the driving test because it seems to be more difficult for us pass its test. For your information, the driving test is divided into two parts, the circuit part and on the road part. The circuit part is divided into three parts, (mendaki bukit), (parking), and (3 penjuru). Based on my experience, the most difficult task is (mendaki bukit). It is always be the main cause of the circuit test failure. you really have to ensure that you are confident enough to do it. On the road test is quite easy to pass because you just need to memorize the directions of the roads given and drive with suitable speed. 50km/h is the limit of the speed of your car and you have to slow down when you drive near to the schools and hospitals.


That's all for tonight, I should have a good rest for tomorrow.thank you.

keputusan SPM esok

                        For your information, the result of SPM 2011 will be releasing tomorrow at 10 o'clock.
my mind is always thinking of how my result is going to be?  is it going to be either bad or good? only Allah knows how is my feeling right now. sometimes I feel happy because its releasing date is earlier one day than expected date,22 march and I hope that this happiness doesn't end tomorrow. I want to smile and laugh happily with my result.

                        I can't bear and encounter life with failure. I had experienced the tough moment when I was getting my UPSR result. I was really upset and it was a hard time for me to stand on my feet from the failure.Start from that moment, I swear that I'll never let myself feel the same feeling when I got UPSR result.I was trying my best to struggle on my study for the sake of a good examination slip result. I am not sure that my efforts that I put for SPM was enough to make my parents proud of me. All I can do now is to pray to Allah to give the best for me tomorrow, and only He knows what's good for me. I hope that I can be strong and tough to encounter the important day in my life tomorrow.

                          please pray for my safety journey! I'll be driving to my ex-school SBPI Gopeng tomorrow~